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Lo scopo di questo giro è far Vi vedere tutti i quartieri storici di Praga e i loro monumenti durante due ore. Nella prima parte del tour Vi mostreremo, dal nostro autobus dotato di un sistema di...

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Lo scopo di questo giro è far Vi vedere tutti i quartieri storici di Praga e i loro monumenti durante due ore. Nella prima parte del tour Vi mostreremo, dal nostro autobus dotato di un sistema di moderni auricolari, la Città Vecchia, il ponte Carlo e Malá Strana. Successivamente avrete 45 minuti di tempo libero e la possibilità di visitare la Cattedrale di San Vito nel Castello di Praga. Dopo la passeggiata nel complesso del Castello continuerete il viaggio in autobus con commento ai singoli monumenti storici, attraverso la Piazza della Città Vecchia, passando vicino alla Casa Comunale per tornare al punto di partenza.


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Mary's Recommends! Why?

We have just tried this tour by ourselves. Here is a brief summary, why we offer it, and to whom.

From Mary’s tried by: Melinda, 2011-08-18

I have to admit, this tour is mostly for the lazy ones or for those who can not walk a lot. If you are staying in Prague for only a few days and you do not want to spend all your time by walking from one attraction to another, this tour is invented just for you.

But I do not want to discourage our honest tourists not to pick up this tour. It can be a good base of your own, perfectly planned sightseeing tour. At least you will know where to looking for the attractions.


  • I got to the tour starting at 9:30, so early in the morning… which I realized being a good choice, as we avoided all the traffic jams. To be stuck in a one way narrow street is not a great advanture :) trust me.
  • It is very simple, You just need to get on the bus, put on the headphones and go ahead to learn more about the city. Prague has so much to tell you.
  • After approx. 45 min. of sitting in the air conditioned bus (and listening to the presentation about Prague) You will arrive to the Prague Castle.
  • Here you have approx. 45 min. to visit by yourself the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the surroundings and to enjoy the beautiful view. You do not have much time to see here everything in details, just to take some pictures with the castle in the background and of course with the beautiful view. You will have a feeling that you are on the top of the world.
  • When You will see where You are, You will quickly start to appreciate, that you were taken here by bus. To get to the Castle by walk, is not a small challenge :)
  • So, now that you have the photos for your album, get back to the bus, enjoy the second part of the presentation in your own language (You probably speak one of the 22 languages they have the presentation in) and be happy that you have chosen Prague for your travel plans.

Cons - notes:

  • It is a shame that the Castle part is not guided, but at least I could go in my own speed
  • There are no entrance fees included in the price of the tour, but actually there would be no time to visit anything. 45 minutes for the whole Castle is not much, but for example if You have problems with walking, perfect choice for You, as You do not have to get here by your own.

How the bus interior looks like The view that welcomes you after getting off the bus The statue of Tomas Garigue Masaryk, as he watches the entrance of the Prague Castle St. George and the Dragon statue with St. Vitus Cathedral in the background – on the yard of the Prague castle St. Vitus Cathedral from side view The statue of St. Peter and Paul in the castle yard Castle Yard Sculptures of the Titans, the gate through which you get to the Prague castle One last view to the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral Getting on the bus after 45 min. walking

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Comment - enCommento: A buszos városnézéssel nagyon meg voltunk elégedve. (Tradurre)


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2012-02-28 10:47:59
Comment - enCommento: Jól szervezett, pontos, ár-érték arány megfelelő. A személyzet kedves, segítőkész. (Tradurre)


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2011-11-29 11:36:59
Comment - enCommento: Két napot töltöttünk Prágában, a városnéző túra nélkül sokkal kevesebbet láttunk volna a városból. A busz a szállodánkhoz jött értünk (nagy megelégedésünkre) és nem kellett keresni az indulás helyét, remek volt. Prága csodálatos hely, visszamegyünk még. (Tradurre)


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Comment - ruCommento: Мы уже старшие, поэтому хотели познакомитсья с Прагой несложным способом. В автобусе нам рассказали историю города и потом ещё погуляли по Пражскому граду. (Tradurre)


2011-07-17 10:19:21
Comment - frCommento: On a bien aimé cette excursion. Le guide nous a donné toutes les informations nécessaires sur Prague et лes monuments principaux seulement en deux heures. (Tradurre)
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