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  • Quali tipi dei servizi mi potete offrire?
    Siamo un´agenzia di viaggi situata a Praga, offriamo tutti i servizi congiunti con il Suo soggiorno nella Repubblica Ceca. Assicuriamo alloggio in tutti i tipi e categorie, trasferimenti a Praga e nella Repubblica Ceca, escursioni, crociere, attivita sportivi e programma per gruppi incentivi; biglietti internationali per bus, prenotazioni della tavola in ristoranti, biglietti per avvenimenti culturali, Carta di Praga, ecc.
  • In quale lingue vi posso mandare la mia richiesta?
    I nostri colleghi sono pronti di parlare con Lei in Inglese, Ungherese, Tedesco, Spagnolo, Francese, Italiano, Russo e Ceco.
  • Come faccio ad arrivare a vostro ufficcio?
    Il nostro ufficcio e a 5 minuti a piedi dalla Piazza di Venceslao. Guardi, per favoreMary´s agency sulla carta geografica.
  • Dove posso leggere ulteriori informazioni della vostra agenzia?
    Visiti per favore questa pagina: informazioni generali di Mary's


  • Come arriverò dall´aeroporto o dalla fermata del treno all´hotel scelto?
    Siamo lieti di offrirLe il nostro servizio di trasferimento. Se Lei lo prenota, il nostro autista Le aspetta alla sala di arrivi con la carta nelle mani con il Suo name e logo di Mary's.
  • Posso comprare Prague Card da voi?
    Si, offriamo anche la Carta di Praga. Se Lei vorrebbe comprarla, informi noi e tutto sara preparato per Lei nel nostro ufficcio. Per piu informazioni per favore guardi la nostra pagina Carta di Praga.
  • How will I get around in Prague? Do I get any help from you?
    Yes, at arrival you receive from us a detailed map of Prague, Prague Guide, tips for excursions - so you will know what is worth to see in Prague at the moment. If you check-in to one of the Mary's Apartments in our office our well-informed and kind colleagues will be ready to help you and answer any of your questions.
  • If I have any questions or problems while I am in Prague, how can I get any help?
    In this case please call or visit our travel agency and we will help you. Our address is: Italska 31, Prague 2. Emergency cell phone number is: +420 603 553 333


  • Why should I book a room with your assistence, not directly in the hotel?
    We provide any travel service you could need, not just the accommodation. We do not charge any fee for the reservations, moreover we guarantee that our prices are lower than the prices of the hotels !!
  • How can I make a reservation if I know in which hotel I want to stay in?
    If you have already chosen the accommodation, please just complete the online reservation form on our website on the page of the hotel. We will immediately check whether the hotel has available room for you and inform you within 4-12 hours.
  • How can I make reservation if I have never been in Prague and do not know how to choose from the large hotel database you have?
    Please send us your request by email to the address, informing us what kind of accommodation would you prefer, for what term, how many persons and what is your approximate budget. According to that we will search for the most suitable accommodation for you and send you our offer within 4-12 hours.
  • Do I have to go to your office before I check-in to the hotel?
    No, if you paid for the accommodation in advance you do not need to come to our office, just go directly to the hotel, give the voucher to the hotel receptionist and check-in.
  • How can I check-in to the Mary's Apartments?
    The reception of Mary's private apartments is our office. We are open every day of the week, 12 hours a day (from 9 am till 9 pm).
  • What if I have a reservation for Mary's Apartments and I arrive after 9pm?
    If you asked us to arrange for you a transfer from the airport or train station as well, there is no problem, as our driver will already have the keys to you apartment. We would just like to ask you to come to our office next morning and settle the payment and the paper work. In case you do not need transfer, our driver will wait for you in front of the apartment at the time arranged. This additional service costs 350,-CZK.
  • What if I need to cancel my reservation?
    Please notice that we need to have the cancellation in written form. The cancellation conditions depend on the accommodation provider, but usually if you cancel the reservation one week ore more ahead, we charge you just by the cancellation fee 300,-CZK per person. Within one week the cancellation fee can be the price of the first night or the whole amount - depending on the conditions of the accommodation provider. You can read more about cancelation fees in our Terms & Conditions.


  • When do I pay for the transfer?
    The transfer should be paid directly to the driver at arrival, in cash (CZK, EUR, USD), we will just need a credit card authorisatin as a guarantee from you in advance. your credit card would be charged only in case of no show.
  • How much will you charge for providing accommodation for me?
    We do not charge any fees for the reservations at all. Moreover we guarantee lower prices that you would have got directly from the hotel.
  • How can I pay for the booked services?
    There are many possibilities. you can pay in advance either by credit card, bank transfer or trough Western Union. Or you can just guarantee the price of the accommodation by credit card authorisation and pay at arrival in cash in our office.
  • What does authorisation of my credit card mean?
    In this case we do not charge your credit card at all, just block the amount on it. So the money will be there on your account but you cannot use it. The amount will then be automatically unblocked by your bank. This method is used for guarantee of the payment.
  • What confirmation will I get of the payment?
    As soon as we receive the booking form or the bank confirmation of the bank transfer we will make a final reservation and send you the Voucher. This voucher is the proof of the reservation and the payment and has to be given to the receptionist at check-in. It includes your name, date of arrival and departure, name of the hotel, and the services that have to be provided, address and contact number to the hotel and to our agency.
  • Do I get automatically invoice from you?
    As most of our clients are tourist, they usually do not ask for invoice. So in case you need one we are happy to send it to you, just please ask for it in advance.
  • In which currencies can I pay?
    In case of bank transfer or payment in cash at arrival you may pay in EUR, USD, CZK, bank transfer can be done in HUF as well. In case of payment by credit card, we will charge the amount in CZK.
  • Can I pay for the booked services over the Internet?
    Yes, you can either use our SSL form, or if it is more suitable for you, you can complete the booking form sent by our colleagues as an email attachment and send it back to us by fax to the number: +420 222 252 215 or you can print it, sign it, scan it and send back via email.
  • Are my credit card details treated safely if I complete the Online Booking Form?
    Yes, in case you complete the booking form on our web site, you fill in a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) form, this way the communication between you and our server will be encoded. That means that no one else can read these information but our agency.
  • If I pay by bank transfer do I need to wait for the voucher until the money arrives to your account?
    No, please just send us by fax (+420 222 252 215) or by email the confirmation of the payment from your bank and we make the final reservation and send you the voucher right away.


  • When can I stay in Prague for lower prices?
    The prices of each accommodation depend on the term of your stay. Usually there are 3 prices for one type of room in a year - the Low Season, High Season and Top Term prices. The Top Terms means New Year's Eve, Easter, in some hotels some national holidays are included as well. Low Season is usually between November and March (exl. Christmas Holidays and New Year's Eve). For the rest of the year - from March till November there are mostly High Season prices. So the lowest prices are from November till March (excl. Top Terms), but as there are lots of special offers during June-July-August as well, it is worth it to check our special offers page for any time you would like to come to Prague.
  • Do I get special price if I book one of your apartments for longer term or ask for accommodation for a group?
    Yes, we are ready to provide you significant discounts in these cases, just send us your request and we will send you our best offer.
  • Would I get any discount for early reservation?
    Yes, we are ready to offer you 5% discount for first minute reservation (3 months or earlier before your stay) of one of our Prague apartments
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