Città storica ed Ebrea
Città storica ed Ebrea
Città storica ed Ebrea
Città storica ed Ebrea

Città storica ed Ebrea

Na Prikope 23, Prague 1

2.5 ore

Join us for a visit of Prague Jewish Town called Josefov (Joseph's Town). The tour starts with a walk through Old Town. At the birth house of Franz Kafka we will enter the original Jewish quarter....

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Join us for a visit of Prague Jewish Town called Josefov (Joseph's Town). The tour starts with a walk through Old Town. At the birth house of Franz Kafka we will enter the original Jewish quarter. Our guide will inform you about the history of original Jewish ghetto and of the oldest synagogue in Middle Europe, Old-New Synagogue. You will walk through the Old Jewish Cemetery and also visit several synagogues that are part of the unique Prague Jewish Museum complex. Including entrance fees to:

  • 1. Maisel synagogue
  • 2. Pinkas synagogue
  • 3. Klausen synagogue
  • 4. Spanish synagogue
  • 5. Old Jewish Cemetery


Inglese , Tedesco , Spagnolo , Italiano , Francese , Russo



Mary's Recommends! Why?

We have just tried this tour by ourselves. Here is a brief summary, why we offer it, and to whom.

From Mary’s tried by: Kamila, 2011-08-23

Shame on me, I've been living in Prague for 5 years and I've never been to Jewish Town! I must admit that it was a great experience for somebody like me :) In such a warm day when Prague breaks temperature records I really appreciated the coldness of Synagogues. We were 12 in our group of different age category and during 2,5 hours nobody got tired! I totally recommend this tour! :)


  • The very beginning caused funny situation because one member of the group lost his husband somewhere in the crowd in Wenceslas Square, so we started with 10 minutes delay (btw. one hour later this same husband lost his wife again) :) Meantime, Jaromir, our french speaking guide, introduced himself. Even if he was doing this excursion for the second time, he proved being a real professional by answering all detailed questions in french (as our group was very curious and interactive)!
  • After 15 minutes of walk (during which Jaromir showed us important buildings as Kafka's house, Charles University, etc.) we got to the Synagogue Maisel describing the history of Jewish nation in less than 30 minutes. As soon as we left this place, we were lucky seeing some orthodox Jew people on the street. They made our excursion more authentic! :)
  • The second Synagogue Pinkas was both fascinating and spine-chilling, the walls were full of names of Jews who died in concentration camp Terezin. I was strongly impressioned by paintings and poems made by children during their stay in Terezin (I'm Czech so I could understand what they wrote, but if you ask your guide, he can translate it for you).
  • Then we continued at 16:10 to Old Jewish Cemetery (with oldest grave of Avigdor Kara, rabbi and poet of Prague), at 16:30 to Klausen Synagogue (rituals and life of Jews) and at 17:00 to Spanish Synagogue (true memories and notes from Terezin). Everything was situated in the same area, so we didn't have to walk a lot :)

Cons - notes:

  • We couldn't take photos inside the Synagogues, it was allowed only at Old Jewish Cemetery for 40,-CZK.
  • Old-New Synagogue wasn't included into price, but we didn't have time for it anyway, so a good chalenge to get back later!!
  • It was so quick that we saw everything only in general, but on the other hand, we learned a lot of useful things.

Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square House of Franz Kafka, famous Czech Jewish writer Cafe of Franz Kafka Maisel Synagogue Jew that we crossed on the street Synagogue Pinkas Old Jewish Cemetery where you're not allowed to take photos :) Special road to walk between graves Next to the Cemetery you can refresh yourselves Another Jews on the streets Synagogue Pinkas from behind Sinagoga Vecchio-nuova Jewish part of the city Synagoga Spagnola Guide Jaromir with blue T-shirt and our group Statue of Franz Kafka

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2012-07-05 16:43:30
Comment - enCommento: La valoración es muy negativa. Cuando llegamos allí nos dijeron que había un problema con el guía español y el recorrido lo íbamos a hacer con una guía inglesa que sabía español. Además en el grupo nos metieron a una inglesa aprovechando que la guia que iba a hacer la ruta sabía los dos idiomas. Resultó que la guía inglesa no sabía casi español y se dedicó a llevarnos a 5 sinagogas casi sin explicar nada.. Pone que la ruta duraría 2 horas y media y duró 2 horas y para colmo iba andando con una lentitud digna de ver..fatal, me pareció un saca dinero, no lo recomendaría. (Tradurre)


2011-08-17 09:32:16
Comment - frCommento: Un très bon guide ; visite bien complète. Une bonne après-midi. Visite à conseiller. (Tradurre)
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