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Partecipi al questo giro composto che rappresenta Praga come una delle piu` belle citta` in Europa con la sua piu` di mille anni storia e architettura. Prima, nostra guida Le fa vedere la Citta`...

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Partecipi al questo giro composto che rappresenta Praga come una delle piu` belle citta` in Europa con la sua piu` di mille anni storia e architettura. Prima, nostra guida Le fa vedere la Citta` Nuova con la Piazza di Venceslao, Museo Nationale, la panorama del Castello di Praga, Mala Strana e Ponte di Carlo durante il giro nel nostro autobus con l´aria condizionata. Poi Lei continua camminando nelle cortile del Castello di Praga imparando della sua storia e Lei visitera` insieme l´interno della Cattedrale di San Vito, il suo piu` importante monumento. Quando la camminata che dura 60 minuti finisce, autobus Lei prende a Mala Strana all´Isola Kampa e poi la camminata continua al Ponte di Carlo da dove Lei puo passeggiare alla Citta` Vecchia e Citta` Ebraica. Il giro finisce alla Piazza Vecchia con l´Orologio Astronomico al Municipio della Citta` Vecchia e il Duomo Týn.


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Mary's Recommends! Why?

We have just tried this tour by ourselves. Here is a brief summary, why we offer it, and to whom.

From Mary’s tried by: Katerina, 2001-08-17

The first what needs to be said is, that it was really great! Maybe I have just been lucky, but we had a really good guide (in English – Radek – I warmly recommend), sunny weather and in our group there were just 4 tourists besides me, so the atmosphere was very nice


  • I appreciated being picked up by the air conditioned minibus (You can be picked up in your hotel or go to the starting point which is in the total center of Prague). The tour started with an approx. 20 minutes ride to Prague Castle, during which Radek said some basic things about Prague and Czech Republic. It was a rather hot day, so great that we could cool down before our 3 hour long walking tour started :)
  • We got to the Prague Castle just in time to see the ceremonial change of guards :)
  • After getting out from the bus, we have seen and heard really a lot. Our walking route was: Prague Castle – Mala Strana – Kampa Island (from Mala Strana to the Kampa by bus) – Charles Bridge – Jewish Town – Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock
  • Radek served us several funny stories, showed plenty of pictures from the past, made our sightseeing really enjoyable! And always showed us on our maps, where we were, so it would be easy to get back to the sights one really likes (very practical, as these couple of hours are not enough to go inside the monuments)
  • At the end we got to the Astronomical Clock just in time to see the Apostles coming out :)
  • The tour ends on the Old Town Square, what is great as You will be right in the center of the Old Town, with plenty of restaurants all around. Believe me, You will appreciate this after 3 hours of walking… and a bit after lunch time

Cons - notes:

  • Suitable only for those who like to walk… a lot…:) If You are seeking for a less demanding tour, choose the one with the Boat Ride!
  • Rather a note, than a contra, that do not count on going inside the monuments. The only place we got in, was the open part of Cathedral of St Vitus. Because of time reasons it would not be possible to get in anywhere else, the route is quite long. But if You like a spot, You can return later

Being picked up at the meeting point by a comfortable minibus Modern minibus with air conditioning, which we appreciated in such a sunny day Getting off at the Prague Castle after 20 minutes ride in the minibus The ceremonial change of guards Our English speaking guide Radek – a very pleasant and smiling guy One of the beautiful courtyards of the Prague Castle Entering the famous St. Vitus Cathedral Radek showing us photos of the history of Prague Castle The wonderful St. George Basilica Breathtaking view of Prague while going from the Castle towards Mala Strana Passing the wine yards of Prague Castle A couple resting by the famous Lennon´s Wall A curious grating full of locks, offering a nice view of the Velkoprevorsky Mill Radek explaining the magical date when the Charles Bridge was built Radek showing us the level which the terrible flood reached in 2002 The stunning Charles Bridge – an obligatory stop Your wish should come true if you touch this spot on the Bridge. I‘ll see if the mine does :-) Walking through the Jewish Town Old Town Square - the end of our tour Ending at 14:55 so we could see the fascinating Astronomical Clock performance

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Comment - enCommento: Die Stadtrundfahrt(führung) war von unserem Guide gut gemacht worden. Was wir nicht gut fanden war das wir zwar von unserem Hotel mit einem Bus abgeholt wurden aber nicht wieder zurückgebracht wurden. Wir gingen davon aus das das so ist. Da wir etwas außerhalb wohnten war das eine abenteuerliche Heimfahrt in unser Hotel. (Tradurre)

Gustavo Carlos

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Comment - huCommento: Köszönjük szépen, nagyon jó program volt! (Tradurre)


2011-07-27 10:12:28
Comment - deCommento: Diese Tour war supertoll! Die Reiseleiterin war wirklich profesionell, sie hat viele lustige Geschichten über Prag und ihr Bewöhner erzählt und Ihre eigene Erlebnisse mitteilt- wirklich Nichts Trockenes! (Tradurre)

José Luis

2011-01-27 11:40:21
Comment - esCommento: Todo muy bien organizado. Me gustó la combinación de bus (muy confortable, por cierto) y caminata. Recorrimos practicamente toda la zona turística de Praga y vimos lo más importante de la ciudad. La guía muy amable. Sin duda repetiría. (Tradurre)
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